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Here at Climb West Melbourne, we are proud to offer Yoga!

Please make sure to sign our new digital waiver before you arrive for your session. This waiver is for both yoga and climbing. If you have already signed our waiver to climb, you will not need to sign it again to participate in yoga. We now have a dedicated website for our Yoga Studio, for more information visit Climb West Yoga Altona.

With tons of light and controlled temperature settings, our yoga studio radiates with Scandinavian vibes. Lush greens surround the studio, and the windows tie you to the abstracts of the bouldering walls. You’ll certainly want to rejuvenate with Yin, generate warmth with Vinyasa, and meditate to bring about a balance. Just book in for a class with us, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our studio has all the facilities, including strength training area, changing rooms, showers, yoga mats, full-length mirrors, and a space for you to chill with your workout buddies, before or after.
Kick off your session with a heart-pumping bouldering circuit and finish off with a cooling yoga flow. Or don’t have time for both? Just book in for Yoga!

Class Description

Our yoga classes include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Vinyasa/Flow – Vinyasa is a fun workout that improves your breathing capacity and instills mind-body awareness. It is a style in which the transition from one pose to the next is coordinated with the breath. It is fantastic for yogis and climbers. Also ideal for beginners, as various positions and pace options are welcomed.
Yin/Guided Meditation – It’s a cooling style of yoga that fills you with a grounding energy and slows you down for good. The poses are held for extended periods to help you release tension, experiencing deep serenity. The practice helps quiet your rumbling thoughts and maintain a stress-free routine. Meditation teaches you about being mindful and motivated despite the everyday hustle-bustle.
Power Yoga – This is a Power Flow practice with an increased focus on building power and stamina. This class will help to get the heart rate up, and help to build overall endurance and fitness levels. Several options are always provided so everyone is welcome to come along and give it a go.

Yoga and Climbing 

Climbing requires strength, concentration, flexibility, and awareness. Hence, all of these can be achieved in a well-structured yoga class, where practising even super simple poses will keep you in a good state. Both practises enhance flexibility, instil self-confidence, develop concentration, increase willpower, and correct imbalances. The benefits of meditation, yoga, and climbing translate your ability to stay strong, preventing injuries. 

This is why the two disciplines, yoga, and climbing, naturally partner each other. They require you to step out of your comfort zones while strengthening the mind, body, soul, and breathe connection.


Limited spots available.
Yoga Class: $20

All Bouldering Memberships include YOGA // BOULDERING // UNLIMITED ACCESS

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